Offida D.O.C.G. Pecorino


The lace workers of Offida weave together the threads, with precise and quick movement of their fingers. They are the last witnesses of a precious art of ancient origin… so it is the origin of Pecorino, a noble Italic, austere, harsh and strong grape’s variety, which has been confined for decades onto the bare and steep slopes of the Piceno Apennines. A few wine growers have recently rediscovered this wine thanks to their love and enthusiasm. Pecorino is rare, precious and able to exhale a strong personality recalling ethereal and persistent sensations, year after year. Its personality and strength are harmonically enhanced by fermentation in “noble” wood, a perfect example of the past combined with a new oenological knowledge.

Geographic Production Area
the towns of Offida and Acquaviva Picena, in Ascoli Piceno province
medium mixture, quite clayey
280 metres above sea level
Growing System
spur pruned cordon
Harvest Time
strictly by hand, first ten days of September
Grapes' Varieties
100% Pecorino
Wine Production
the decanted must fermented in medium-sized oak barrels; where the wine is aged for approx 6 months with the lees of fermentation
6 months in oak barrels
3 months in bottles
Organoleptic Characteristics

Colour deep straw-yellow
Scent very intense and persistent, grassy and hawthorn blossoms aroma, with vanilla perfume
Flavour fresh and sapid, agreeable and soft to the palate
Alcohol content 13,5%

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