Ciù Ciù in Milan to present its organic wines

It was a special event the one organized in Milan by the winery Ciù Ciù in collaboration with the School of Italian Cooking, who presented his organic wines at a prestigious audience of journalists. The chefs of the School have created a five-course menu perfectly paired with five wines Ciù Ciù, who won the refined palates of those present.

Dinner was introduced by Walter Bartolomei (owner of Ciù Ciù), while the food journalist Fiammetta Fadda presented the menu exposing, with refinement, combinations of each course with wines. Her speech also focused on the issue that has marked the event, the link between fashion and food: both the wine as well as food have been designed as a real fashion items, where colors, scents, flavors acquire their unique character. The sommelier Giuseppe Vaccarini focused on the characteristics of the five labels tasted, telling the aromas and flavors. The event was also attended by the director of La Cucina Italian Ettore Mocchetti and Jo Ring.


- Merlettaie Brut spumante varietà Pecorino paired with crispy zucchini flowers stuffed with anchovies and mozzarella

- Evoè Bianco Passerina Marche I.G.P. paired with shrimp tartare with quail eggs and passion fruit sauce

- Merlettaie bianco Pecorino di Offida D.O.C.G. combined with cod fish with panella chickpeas and basil sauce

- Bacchus Rosso Piceno D.O.P. combined with agnolotti stuffed with borage, rabbit and small gravy

- Esperanto Rosso Offida D.O.C paired with smoked pork tenderloin with red onion jam and sauce Madeira.

Ciù Ciù in Milan to present its organic wines